Mini Candle Gift Set
Mini Candle Gift Set
Elizabeth Scarlett

Mini Candle Gift Set

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100% sustainable soy wax
Inspired by Jasmine and Bougainvillaea covered homes, perfumed by their fragrance. 
Infusing jasmine flower with the bouquet found in a Mediterranean garden. 
This romantic candle creates a warm and delicate aroma for a romantic home.

  • Inspired by Jasmine and Bougainvillaea covered homes
  • Candle tips: Trim wick for optimum burning. Burn until wax meets the edge of the jar. An even melt pool prevents tunnelling and will make your candle last longer.
  • Burn time: 40 hours (9cm candles) 10 hours (5cm candles)
  • Chic translucent glass vessel
  • Small gold motif on every candle

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