Take your time, with a coffee at Tinker Tailor




Tinker Tailor is more than a shop. We also love coffee.It’s not easy to do it right, but it’s so worth it. We make our coffee with love, it takes a few minutes but we know you'll appreciate the results. And if (like me) nothing quite hits the spot like a great cup of tea, we offer everything from English Breakfast to Earl Grey, Camomile and Peppermint. We offer de-caf too, if you are awake enough already.

What's better than a great coffee? A great coffee with a delicious cake! We have a selection of all kinds of sweet treats to tempt you.

If you have an appetite for something a little more substantial, we supply a range of cold sandwiches as well as toasties, focaccias and panninis. 

We also have free wi-fi for our customers, so pull up a chair and get comfy. What are you waiting for?